Parfis is an acronym for Particles and Field Simulator. Parfis is written in C++ with Python bindings. The algorithm is based on the particle-in-cell (PIC) method used for interacting many-particle systems. In the PIC method individual particles (or fluid elements) in a Lagrangian frame are tracked in a continuous phase space, whereas moments of the distribution such as densities and currents are computed simultaneously on Eulerian (stationary) mesh points.

Quick start

You can quickly install and try parfis by doing the following in your terminal:

pip install parfis

After installing you can try if the library loads and check the info of the installed build with the following three commands from youre python terminal:

from parfis import Parfis

Explore the possibilities by checking some of the examples given in the Demos section of this site. The above three commands are given in the Simple demo.

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