Parfis  v0.0.7
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parfis::GasCollision Struct Reference

Holds information about collisions with gas particles. More...

#include <datastruct.h>

Public Member Functions

int calculateColFreq (const Specie &specie, const Gas &gas)
 Calculates the collision frequency. More...

Public Attributes

uint32_t id
 Id from the gas collision vector in CfgData.
const char * name
 Collision name.
const char * fileName
 Cross section file name.
uint32_t specieId
 Id from the specie vector.
uint32_t gasId
 Id from the gas vector.
double threshold
 Threshold in eV.
int type
 Type of collision (elastic, inelastic)
std::vector< double > scatterAngle
 Scattering angle (random number sampled with scatterAngle gives deflection in radians)
FuncTable xSecFtab
 Cross section in angstroms, with x-axis is in eV.
FuncTable freqFtab
 Collision frequency, x-axis is in code velocity squared.

Detailed Description

Holds information about collisions with gas particles.

Member Function Documentation

◆ calculateColFreq()

int parfis::GasCollision::calculateColFreq ( const Specie spec,
const Gas gas 

Calculates the collision frequency.

int Zero on success