Here we give just brief info of the C++ API since detailed description is in the Doxy pages.

The Parfis library

Parfis is the main library of the parfis project. It is compiled as a shared library in two modes. One mode has float for the state_t type (with suffix 32), and the other mode has double (with suffix 64). Both libraries are packed with the python module so the user can use one or the other. Libraries are named:

  • libparfis32.so (Linux version, state_t = float)

  • libparfis64.so (Linux version, state_t = double)

  • parfis32.dll (Windows version, state_t = float)

  • parfis64.so (Windows version, state_t = double)

By default, the double version is going to be built and by default the double version is loaded in the parfis Python module.

Using C++ functionality

C++ supports function overloading. This means there can be more than one function with the same name but different parameters. We use the extern “C” to turn off name-mangling. This way we expose the C++ functions as standard C functions. Functions that can be called from outside the parfis library are exclusively under the extern “C” and defined as an API.

Doxy page for the api


Logging level is defined in the cmake options. Logging is performed by creating log messages and adding them to the string in the Logger object. Every Parfis object has its own Logger object. When logging is set to zero, log files are created where only initial text is written (date and parfis info).

Doxy page for the logging